Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bruceton CX

Well fans sorry for the hold up with the updates, but I am here at last. So a short while back it was the Bruceton CX race and the series blowout. A good field of riders where there to do thier damage. The weather was a bit nip, but overall LOVELY. Don Parks and JR did a great job. So, onto the report. The race started with a slight uphill into the course. Almost like always Johnny Martin got the hole shot. Followed by myself and Montana Miller. I took the lead about halfway into lap one with Montana on my tail. We tried our best to gap the other for a few hot laps trading places. Then I felt the burn of a smaller gear on the long downward sections. Young Montana got the best of me. Good job man. So, I got second and that was good enough for the overall WEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Keep Riding and wait for the news from Josh.

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