Friday, November 6, 2009

October Update

Welcome to the off season. For the last month or so the team has been living up the off season. I call it the off season cause most of us can't do the cross season. That's because the races are on Sat. and people work on Saturdays. Bummer for us, lucky for the other racers.

So, what's been going on during the last month..............Big J and I did the annual trip to Slatyfork in mid October. The first day was bitch'n............5 hours of ride'n the Fork. Doesn't get any better. The other two days the weather got a lil nasty and motivation dwindled and FYI don't take Turkey Point trail, not a fun trail. But one day ride'n Slatyfork is better than no days of Slatyfork.

Steve raced the Marrilla CX, SS race and brought home a win.........Good work man. Looks like he missed the sloppy stuff.
We're working on adding to the current team. As of now we are J. and S. Rowand, Tim W., Sean Z. and myself. We're considering changing the team name, so anyone have any ideas? We're not to creative so it's not so easy for us.
We are seeking sponsorship for the 2010 season, so anyone out there wanting to support some local, devoted and motivated cyclists let us know your interested. Keep in mind we do have the State Champ., WVMBA Series Champ., 4th WVMBA series, 8th WVMBA, 6th WVMBA (sport) series.
Other than that the Thursday Night'r continues every week along with long, slow Sunday rides. Come out and join us. Tis the season for long, slow rides.

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