Tuesday, September 15, 2009

9.9SSL Top Fuel

Well, here it is. My new and inproved race bike. Since Trek did away with the 69er concept for 2010 I had to rub my chin and decide what I wanted to go with for next year. This is what I decided upon. The Trek 9.9SSL Top Fuel. She is real pretty.

Got a handfull of rides on it and I must say it is the stiffest mountain bike I have ridden in awhile. When I say stiff it isn't a bad thing. The lateral direction is what I be talking about. With the BB90 clear up to the integrated headset. This thing doesn't flex.

The ABP pivot works amazing, keeping the travel nice and supple. With the Rock Shox Sid taming anything you can toss at it up front.

The total package as you see it in the pictures tips the scales at a bit over 23lbs. 23.3 to be exact. That is lighter then my hardtail 69er.

This weekend will be the big test. I will be racing it at Coopers come Sunday along with the rest of Team Rowman. Enjoy the pictures and hope to see ya at the race .

Your favorite Rowmania

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